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Just received an order cancellation after 2 Months of waiting with NO reason whatsoever.

(Topic created on: 30-10-2021 06:46 AM)

I am SO, SO, disappointed with Samsung... I ordered the Z Flip 3 September 2 /21. We were promised a free set of headphones and a free case.  We waited for about a month and a half over 5 weeks. Then received an email that the order will be delayed "more than 30 days".  Well, I had to call them and spend my time trying to get them to do something... NAMELY THEIR JOB.  Then suddenly, they sent the phone to us out of the blue. But it was ONLY the phone.  The free headphones and case we have been patiently waiting for, for 2 months. Well yesterday after 2 months of waiting they sent me an email stating CANCELLATION UPDATE... "WE were able to cancel your order"...

I did not request a cancelation from Samsung; they just canceled it; with NO REASON for doing so. IT'S BEYOND THE ABSURD... Now it looks like they want me to purchase the Case and Headphones... if I want them. OF COURSE, THEY WERE A GIFT FOR MY WIFE...  I could go on and on here, there is a lot more shenanigans going on with their REALLY RIDICULOUS way of handling their business. To me it just incompetence. It seems like there is something wrong with this company, or they just don't know how to run one!  SUPER disappointed with this dumb predicament. So, I will fight on with endless communication to make them understand that they owe these items to me via agreement and valid purchase.

(UPDATE):  This morning Samsung approved a promo code to cover the cost of the headphones and case... I don't know how long it will take to get them... Last time I will purchase from Samsung... Unfortunately 

Thanks for reading! 

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