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Issues with non receipt of goods

(Topic created on: 26-04-2022 05:40 PM)
First Poster

I Sent my non receipt of goods disclaimer form, which yodel supply to Samsung. This was filled in and sent to Samsung on 21st March 2022, after receiving a large blue sealed package which contained a 1 litre plastic drinks bottle and no Samsung pro earbuds. A photo of the open package showing the contents and a clear view of the label. I do not dispute the fact that l received a package as informed by yodel, no yodel name was on the package and no despatch information inside, yodel initially said they had tried to deliver this package the previous Friday and they left a calling card. The latest information from yodel is they have now retracted this information and no calling was left, they lied. It is now 5 weeks on since this information was passed to Samsung and nothing other than a email the appropriate department was looking into this. The following facts are, this the label shows the sender was Dickson Birmingham, you can see a label has been put over the initial label,Samsung won't tell me if Dickson are involved, won't tell me if they recognise the colour of the package, won't tell me if the earbuds are sent out in this size package. I feel very let down by Samsung, for sitting on this, need to information Samsung head office uk and add copy to Samsung head office South Korea. I do not accept that they are silent over correspondence between Samsung and Yodel, without passing there findings, to reassure my package has been swoped in transit 

Graham Cooper