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Isle of Man Delivery

(Topic created on: 24-11-2021 01:19 PM)

Good Afternoon

Is there any reason why Samsung will not deliver mobile phones to the Isle of Man from your online shop? In the past I was able to place orders successfully by entering my postcode in lower case (If you entered it in upper case it said that you wouldn't deliver here!).

However, this loophole now seems to have been closed off and you get an error saying that you can't deliver in this area.

The stupid thing is that if you are ordering a large item (a TV for example) then you CAN deliver this here (sent via Panther) and I was able to have this delivered successfully. If you try to order a mobile phone then you get the above error. Delivery to the Isle of Man used to be via DPD and we do have a DPD courier on-Island so there is no reason why a mobile phone cannot be sent here using this method. The delivery pages on the Samsung website say you can't offer installation / delivery in Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands at the moment (but nothing about the Isle of Man).

I have raised it with Samsung previously but have been advised to call instead to report it. I feel like I wouldn't be able to explain the issue properly via phone and it'd likely just confuse the agent that I'd be speaking to. Is there an email address for the online store where I can query this ?

Alternatively, if there a mod who could investigate / pass this feedback on please? I can see from searching that there are other people also querying this. People on local Facebook groups also query this occasionally so it really does seem like Samsung are missing out here!



Bringing this back to the top. Would like to order the Galaxy Watch 5 to take advantage of the £100 trade in bonus offer. But can't do so as you won't deliver to me.

Please can you pass this on to someone for further investigation? There is just no reason why you won't deliver here. It doesn't cost any extra to deliver here. You carriers (DPD) will deliver to the Island no problem.