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Harrandous customer service Never buy again

(Topic created on: 18-05-2022 09:53 PM)
First Poster

I bought a tv QE75Q95TDX. I placed the order then realised it may be too big for me to install it on the tv stand. So one day before the delivery I requested for installation which has been agreed by Samsun shop. On the day of delivery, I phoned Samsung and confirmed that they will install the tv on its stand while also enquiring for extra £20 for installation. They said they will collect the money later and promised me that the tv will be installed. But when they delivered it, they refused to install it and left the tv in the middle of the lounge. This means it is high risk by the kids to knock it or even high risk of falling. 
Then I heard a creaching noise from the one box as if a bee is buzzing; both picture quality and sound are very poor. So discussed with customer services, they agreed to take it back. I have explained that my next availability for the tv to be collected is on 20th May and requested the collecting crews to dismantle it from the stand as I won’t be able to do it due to the size of the tv. All of a sudden they turned up on 18 the when I am not in the house but only my wife. She phoned me and I agreed it is for collection and queried why are they early. Anyway agreed to for them to take it but they refused to dismantle it as they only can collect the tv. They also refused to take the one box. Now I am worried whether I will get a full refund. 

Also, the customer service call centre seems to be in Philippines . Half of the time they are disconnecting the call half way through and never call u back. They don’t even understand and speak so fast so u won’t understand them. When you are talking they never say yes or no but “mm..hmmm”. I don’t understand how the hell they expect me to understand their communication. I mean it is not just one staff but merely all of them I have spoken to did the same. 
my strong advice, never ever buy them.