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Harassement by Samsung Ireland - Return of three S24 Ultra - An Ordeal

(Topic created on: 13-06-2024 06:32 PM)
It has been weeks of harassment and lack of customer support resulting in this post. I each year upgraded to Ultra series for all three years. I bought 4 phones under Pre order scheme S24 U and found three had display issues. 

Phones were returned via pick-up arranged by the Exertis team. All three phones in one go. However, I received confirmation of one phone being received after about 1 week and multiple reminders. I asked them what happened to other phones and no response was given.

I filed a complaint against Exertis on the OD EU platform on 19th Feb and the next day received two tracking numbers for phone delivery. One phone was delivered the next day.

As last phone was not delivered even after 3 days, I sent an email to them and no response was given. Suddenly on 26th Feb I received confirmation that the phone has been delivered. None was delivered at my address.

I wrote to Samsung and they are in denial that they ever received a return. That is unacceptable as false as I received two replacement phones with order numbers the same as that of the Order placed in Jan.

Also, the third phone was of the same color which was sent back. All this cannot be a coincidence or did Samsung send me free phones?

Key pain points :

1. Samsung Ireland delivers phones to customers within 24-48 hours. While for replacement I had to send multiple chasers.

2. They arranged for the pick-up of 3 phones. Yet claimed only received one phone. Someone is careless as I did get replacements for 2 phones and 3rd was lost in transit.

3. Irish customers received replacements within 1-2 days and in some cases free upgrades to 1 TB. Can be read on

4. The Samsung CEO team did not reply for weeks. The Samsung USA team responded in one hour. 

5. Samsung Chat team has a wait time of 15 hours.

6. The Samsung return form for Ireland lists UK numbers. Customers end up dialing UK phones and they are unable to provide support.

7. DPD has been leaving phones on the door. This was highlighted to Samsung in 2022,. No action was taken,

I cannot believe this is business as usual case. Somewhere I have a feeling it is a case of customer profiling and harassment.

I cannot believe the phone was lost the moment I complained in Small Claims Court. None of the phones were ever lost in the past 3 years. 

I have been stressed, and spent hours on calls, emails etc. Someone is not doing their job. How can they say they did not receive any returns? Who issued 3 replacements then - Of same color as that of original order? two received has the same order number as that of the original pre-order in Jan.

Anyone would have ideas about customer profiling or gross incompetence by Ireland team. A US team who has no role can respond in 1-2 hours, while a local team ignores emails and calls.

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Hi @Robotplayer 

Welcome to the UK / Eu Samsung Community Forum. 

It does sound like you've been through a very negative experience, which has probably been compounded by the sheer commotion that a new flagship release can create. 

I think we all accept that things can go wrong but it's then what the businesses does to put this right again to instill confidence back into the product and support departments. 

Communication is key. 

I do find that sometimes Samsung Customer Services can be difficult to get support from ,and that the various departments don't communicate as best as it should happen. 

I see from reading your post that you've been posting on various regions of the Samsung Community Forum.

Unfortunately as your aware only the Support Teams in your own region can assist. 

I wish you all the best. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate to ask.  😎 

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

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Hi @Robotplayer 

It is unfortunate that Samsung support does not live to what it is expected from a company like Samsung. I do not know the details of your case, but for what you describe, it seems very unpleasant.

Samsung should do and can do way better.

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I would've thought just because it's their phones Samsung would be interested in investing in good delivery service and make sure they don't get lost.

Hi @Robotplayer , 


I agree: a very far from ideal customer experience.


Unsure what the Community Team can do to resolve matters for you at this stage, but we're happy to link in with our Ireland colleagues regarding it on your behalf -- even if it's just to re-iterate the feedback you may have already given to them. If you'd like us to do that, can you send us a Private Message with your contact details and any relevant info (e.g. reference numbers) to our @Sam_UK  account ( Guide on how to send a Private/Direct Message here if you need it:  

I noticed it's the way of the world nowadays days, trying to contact anyone, be a car insurance after an accident. Your broadband supplier for issues or any company it can take hours on the phone, sometimes days, then you "accidentally" get cut of when they can't solve your problem, hoping someone else will take your call. Your lucky to even get a response, but of course if you want to make a purchase or upgrade to a higher package they answer the phone instantly with no issues, there needs to be laws on customer service response times for issues & rectifying them within a reasonable time or they should be heavily fined for their dirty tactics.
Aaron Lennon
First Poster

I've had a similarly terrible experience with the Samsung Ireland customer support.
I bought the buds2 pro off of the web store, and they came with an audio defect. After talking in a live chat, I got a contact email for the shipping department who then advised me to send the product back under registered post, and that I would receive a replacement. After paying 9 euro to post it assuming it would be reimbursed, I get my replacement. Low and behold, it has the exact same audio defect, so I email them again about the issue and mentioned how it could be a defect present in all of their buds2 pro stock. They ignored this and instructed me to send it via registered post AGAIN, which is when I asked to be reimbursed for the first return. They told me they don't pay for return costs, and then suggested arranging a DPD pickup from my house. This really wasn't ideal given my busy schedule but I agreed anyway, and a day was settled. I cleared my schedule for that day so that I wouldn't miss DPD, but they never came. I emailed again after the entire timeframe had passed asking why the date arranged hadn't been scheduled. The next day, DPD turn up while I'm not home, and I receive an email from Samsung saying to reschedule a pickup. Anyways I eventually manage to hand off the return to DPD, and everything is fine. That is until I get my second replacement, and they have the exact same defect as the previous 2. Again I sent an email explaining how this must be a stock-wide defect that needs to be investigated, and they proceeded to ignore me, simply asking if I wanted to arrange another pickup.

At this point I give up with the support email and start looking for a phone number to ring. After a good hour of searching, I manage to find an Irish customer support phone number. Similarly to your story, the call was redirected to England, and I was left with a lovely Scottish man trying his best to help, even though there was nothing he could do since I'm in Ireland.  In the end I just decided to keep the buds since the defect, while annoying, wasn't that bad. 
That entire experience was so needlessly stressful. Samsung really need to take their customer support more seriously, because this is ridiculous.