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Galaxy S24

(Topic created on: 26-01-2024 11:09 PM)
Iain 1000000
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Pre order is a shambles - 

Offering to deliver to me early (twice) but unable to fulfil yet charging others next day delivery but saying two weeks delayed. 

No wonder this company is one star on trust pilot. I wouldn’t trust them to deliver on anything. 

I have a recent example on a tv, ended up cancelling on their customer service recommendation due to inability to assure delivery would take place. I now have a LG via John Lewis which was a much more practical solution. Might star going to the Apple Store for a phone if they can’t deliver on the s24. 

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Sorry to hear your experiencing these issues with your Pre Order @Iain 1000000  😔 

Supply and demand on a flagship phone can ultimately lead to some delays. 

Colour chosen and Storage Capacity chosen can sometimes affect timescales too. 

Apple has this too when a flagship launches. 

Personally I await for the Pre ordering to complete and then after due diligence I'll decide to pull the trigger or not. 

I typically buy the black version with 512gb onboard storage, which are more likely to be available than an online exclusive colour and the 1Tb options. 

In all the years I have been purchasing from I've had a 1 day delay due to DpD. 

On a side note I purchased my 70" TV from Curry's/ PC World which came on the day offered and accepted. 

Trust pilotisn't  a balanced site in my opinion as people are more likely to sign up  to them as they have experienced a bad experience ,with not so many sign up to review if they've had a good experience. 

The same way in many respects to Community Forums.

Just my humble opinion. 

People can contact the Samsung Online Shop Team if theyve paid for a deluvery slot which haven't materialised or have had a delay to ask for a Goodwill Gesture. Samsung treats these as a case by case basis. 

I hope you hear some good news soon.

Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Ultra 512Gb ~ Titanium Black.

The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

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The fact that this is the launch and pre-order period is not an excuse. They have the same problems every year. They should be able to plan better and have better customer support. Samsung's customer support is awful. Calling them takes endless waiting time, they lie blatantly, provide false information.

We are talking about products well over 1K pounds. They should have enough products to fulfill the pre-orders or simply say close the pre-orders when this limit is exhausted.

DPD is usually the only accurate source on information. Samsung must do way better to reach just an OK level of customer service.