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F I N A L L Y here

(Topic created on: 31-03-2022 02:06 PM)

Welp, it's finally here Bois and girls.

Came out of nowhere! Not even an email or a text with delivery time just bam on my door step.

While I'm obviously happy to some degree that it's here, I must say the packaging it came in was awful! No bubble wrap, thinniest "paper" protecting the tablet box(the standard box that the product stays in not another box!) And same with the phone, luckly the phone was with other orders so it was in a bigger separate box packed tightly but again no protective packaging! This is a horrible issue because my post office has the grumpiest and just plain awful post people, not last year I had to sue them for constantly throwing my stuff at my door and kicking packages. So hopefully they're not damaged.

Also I find this ridiculous because they demand pretty much that you use bubble wrap etc for when you send your traded device back! Like cmon Samsung if you're going to ask that of the customer then atleast do the same for your deliverys jeez.


Oh right, a separate issue but when I received my devices I only got one postage label from them just for my tablet but not for my phone? But they say you have to send both devices separately? I don't understand what I meant to do despite reading there pamphlet because there pamphlet doesn't talk about trade in but there recycling program instead.

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That's weird you didn't get any communication in regards to the delivery @Jakku 

I received emails from Samsung and updates from DPD via their app.

My phone came in an in-transit brown strong box, and the phone's box inside had black Samsung paper taped around it to stop movement during transport.

If you speak to Samsung they'll arrange any Return Labels you may need.

Good to hear you've received your devices 👍

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Yeah, same here. Got DPD email and notification hours before the one from Samsung about order being dispatched. Mine also came securely packed and sealed inside sturdy tamperproof Box and then the DPD shipping bag.
Didn't know Samsung even sent items via standard postal methods.
Glad you've got it though.

Oh yer, mum said it came via DPD so I was wrong there!(I have a bunch of disabilities so usually my items get dropped off at the post office instead, so they can deliver it at a CERTAIN time so I can definitely answer the door, can take me ages to get downstairs etc and we don't leave packages at the door or with neighbors thieving trash) But still awful packaging and no protection what so ever. Along with no delivery notice etc but my statement still stands be it post office or another company they have no respect.

DPD is one of the better companies but in general deliverys around here don't usually last, we have quite a few Amazon return lockers for that reason 😅 that's why most people have camera doorbells etc though it took 2 tries to get a camera that wasn't broken lmao.

~Me and Samsung are in a love hate's kinda messy though!~