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DO NOT BUY FROM THE SAMSUNG SHOP! Shocking service pursuing a refund for a Q95T. Please help!

(Topic created on: 07-04-2021 08:55 AM)
I have never seen such bad customer service quite like the last three months with Samsung and I want to share my experience so that I can hopefully help other people to stay far away from buying from the Samsung shop. Long post but it is a long story and I want to make sure all the details are noted. I appreciate if you have the patience to read through it all.

On 10th January 2021 I stupidly bought a Q95T direct from the Samsung Store. I paid extra for the flagship model to specifically use 4K 120hz HDR VRR on HDMI 2.1 with game consoles.

The TV arrived and I noticed that there were big dimming issues with the TV when running VRR and Game Mode with the Xbox Series X. I contacted Samsung support within the first 2 weeks of owning the TV and this started a 3 month process of technical support to try and fix the issue.

After a while of communication they finally acknowledged that it was a TV issue and not the Series X. After this, we tried everything to fix the TV. Updating firmware, resetting factory settings, I tried different inputs and different game consoles. I compared the issue with my other Q85r TV and it was very obvious there was a big problem with the new Q95t, mainly when using HDMI 4 port with VRR. Changing the local dimming setting resulted in absolutely no difference in TV brightness and the TV remained really dim. I could have the brightness on 30 and low dimming setting with no VRR on, but when VRR is enabled the brightness can be turned to max and it still does not come close to the brightness when no VRR is enabled. I was unable to replicate the issue when using the console on my Q85r TV. I also regularly noticed issues with the LEDs in the left corner of the panel going completely black. The only way to fix this was turning the TV off at the wall and back on (holding down the reset button alone did not fix this), it was scary really whenever it happened as I was worried the LEDs would not come on again.

The VRR issue appears to be known for other owners of this TV (as shown in threads such as:, reporting the same thing.

Just last week I FINALLY got confirmation from the technical team that the VRR TV issue can't be fixed and that I should contact the Samsung shop team for a refund. So I packaged up the TV (still in its original plastic coverings) and put the box aside for it to be returned. Little did I know that I was in for a long battle which had barely begun.

I contacted Samsung Store team and explained the issues and what the technical support team had said about returning the TV for refund. I gave them the reference for my support case and showed them the confirmation that they said this.   The person on the line said they won't be able to give me a refund due to it being past the 28 day cooling off period. I told them I have had the issues since I recieved the TV and I have a 1 year warranty. They said that the warranty was only for repairs and not refunds. I said "but the TV can't be repaired so I need a refund". After a lot of back and forth, they finally understood that the technical team have already done assessments and said it cant be repaired. The person on the line then confirmed that I would be eligable for a refund if they cant repair it. But they do not have the authorisation or ability to process the return out of cooling off period, so they need to get a manager to call me back within 48 hours.

I waited 48 hours, no callback. So I rang the Samsung shop team back again. After a long time on hold I explained ive waited for a call back for 2 days... no apology at all. They said that I cant speak to a manager and that they need to transfer me to the technical team for it to be assessed again. I gave them a reference number for the technical team case I already had and they said they couldn't use or access it because it was a technical team reference and they were the Samsung store team. They forwarded me to the technical team again and they said once they do another assessment I should go back to the store team again - making the customer do the hard work manually, which I thought was strange, especially since I had already been through the technical team many times already. After a long time on hold, I patiently did the technical support steps all over again. When we did not get to a resolution (after the call time being over an hour), the support staff stopped responding and had to end the call. I was so angry at this point.

I tried calling back and the Shop team AGAIN said I had to go through technical support team. I  was put on hold for 1 hour before giving up. My total time trying to deal with this on this day was approximately 3 hours overall. And I ended up in an arguably worse position than before.

I finally got the patience back to call them again. The Samsung shop member told me something completely different to the last person, that they can see my case and that they will get a manager to call me back in 48 hours again. So I waited again, naively.

After 36 hours I finally got a call back, but it was a technical support manager and not a Samsung store manager. I had to explain everything again for some reason, they then started to try and get me to submit troubleshooting results or videos again. My patience wearing thin, I told them that I will not be doing more troubleshooting steps, i was told the TV is broken beyond repair and it is in its packaging in the same condition I recieved it. The manager told me that they are unable to process refunds as its the discretion of the Samsung shop team. They told me to phone up the shop team again and tell them that the support team have already done troubleshooting and that the TV can't be repaired. I told them that I've already done that and they send me into the same cycle again and don't care. I asked them to call the store team and tell them that themselves. Luckily the support manager was able to do this. I was put on hold, when they came back they told me the exact same thing. "A refund can't be given as it is after the cooling off period and its only repairs that can be given under warranty".

Very angry at this point, I explained to the manager that regardless of warranty, as per the Consumer Rights Act if a product has an issue in the first 6 months of purchase which can't be repaired then I am entitled to a full refund. The technical support manager said that the best they can possibly do is offer a replacement of the same model. I said that I definitely do not want a replacement TV, as I have had multiple issues and it will not covered by a sufficient warranty for the value of the goods. I explained that I have already had issues within the first 3 months and I do not wish to have a replacement TV of the same model with no substantial warranty. I said that I have been offered a refund, the issue has first been reported in the cooling off period and I am eligible for a refund under my consumer rights.

Eventually they finally said that they can write up the case and send to the Samsung solutions team to try and get a refund in that way since the shop team will not honour it. I am currently waiting for some form of response but I am not optimistic.

I am now at a point where I can't see myself getting my money back for this very expensive TV and waiting for another "manager" to call me. I am desperate at this point for advice for what I can do going forward. I believe this is disgraceful service from start to finish with Samsung. Also, received no apologies other than the technical support manager.

If there is any Samsung colleague out there who thinks they can help with a refund PLEASE let me know. I am running out of options.

DO NOT BUY FROM THE SAMSUNG SHOP! Your "warranty" is pointless and the customer service is just unacceptable! 

First Poster

Did this this problem ever get resolved for you? I am experiencing similar problems and have some solutions for you. Please see below


They need to either repair or buy back your TV within the warranty period if the issue fell within the warranty.. I know the US also has lemon law rights, but I don't know if this supplies in your region. 

I'm having similar issues with my brand new 2022 Samsung QN 900B 8K TV. Within a year, the TV went blank. Samsung attempted to repair it; however they were unsuccessful at doing so and offer to buy my TV back in writing. Based on this and relying on Samsung's word, I went and bought a new Samsung QN900C TV. 


Almost 6 months later and six ticket numbers later Samsung has repeatedly stated they're buying back the TV, but saying they can't approve the refund. Back and forth back and forth. I'm very frustrated and I know what you feel. They have offered to buy them back my TV six times in writing!! This is after calling multiple times per week, being on hold for almost an hour each time and for them to tell me it's being worked on and not to dispose of my old TV. 

You should let them try and fix the TV and most likely they won't be able to or will determine it's not economically a good idea and they will offer you a refund. 

At this point, this is the plan of action I'm considering. 

1. I will be writing to Samsung's president's office at you should definitely try this because it was very difficult to at obtain this email address. 

2. Or I will be filing a lawsuit. 

3. Or I will be calling the local newscast to broadcast the story on TV. There are journalists that love to cover stories like this. 

That will be my plan of action and I'm planning on writing to the president's office today. You should definitely write to the president's department with your complaint and include documentation substantiating your position. 

Please let me know what happened with your case.