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Customer service is terrible beyond belief no refund after so many emails and calls

(Topic created on: 3 weeks ago)

Let me start the beginning

On the 24th of June 2024, I purchased a Samsung S24 ultra, which came with a free watch from the App for nigh on 1000 pounds. This was on the samsung shop uk.

To start with, it said delivery would be next day. Then, the delivery changed to the middle of july.  At This point I thought I'm not waiting that long.  So went online using the official samsung app that I purchased it through and hit the cancel button with the staus sitting at "order received".

 About an hour later, I had an official email from Samsung saying your order has been cancelled. You will receive a refund 3 to 5 days. great i thought.

Some 3 days went past when I received another email from Samsung saying, your order has been dispatched which i was a little confused about. So I logged on to the same samsung app and now where it used to say cancelled, It is saying order acknowledged and on the way!

I called Samsung straightaway and asked why have you sent this out ? as the order is now cancelled.

(Can I just stress at this point, that once an order is shipped you are unable to cancel it, so I was well in time to cancel it as I had the option to do so, it was not ready for dispatch or dispatched at the time I cancelled.)

The call centre as usual are not very intelligent or helpful in the slightest and didn't know why this had happened. However, they were quick enough to put a return to centre on and it was stopped enroute in one of the various dpd depots and returned back to them forthwith and was signed for on its return by someone,  Which I have the track information 

This is where it falls down. I have been calling and ringing in and emailing every day trying to get my refund and I have heard numerous lies from every operative I've spoken to from, it's not back yet.    I can clearly see it is its been signed,    your refund is on the way to you, to it's not on the way . You have to wait 10 to 15 days for a refund.  Etc ect    Each person is different with that same swarmy over the top trying to be polite voice.

Because they sent it out I am expected now to wait until they get it back and wait 2 weeks or more for a refund no way!

I have today. Lost my will to live. So have contacted the credit card company to do a charge back. This company is beyond help, they are all liars, their customer service is absolutely appalling.

You can never get to speak to anybody at the top. You get the same excuse that I will escalate it and get back to you and nobody ever does get back to you, I don't think I've ever been treated so badly by a company in the whole of my life period.

,Do yourself a favour? Do not buy any rubbish from samsung!!


The best thing I have found is to catch them out by getting them to email you what they have done which is basically nothing and go on the live chat and then photo copy the chat where they lie. It's easy as each one tells a different story, the company could,be Walt disney they tell such a good yarn. I can now pass all these make believe to the credit card company.

I don't see why the customer should have to wait for a Refund when it was cancelled in good time. 

The item was never received or touched by myself. Yet all I'm hear is excuses, excuses . if I had the time and inclination, I will take them to the small claims court. Then try and get some compensation as well for all this time and hassle trying to chase some compensation.

I do not believe that they will ever refund me. As when I log on now, it is still stuck on order acknowledged and not moving, Even though it was cancelled, they seemed to be a law onto their own and it's absolutely disgusting. 

The call centre should be closed down. They are all a bunch of liars trained to fob people off.  No matter if they make a phones that's gold leaf I will never never ever buy from this company again or recommend them to a pig farmer 



Hi @markschap ,


It does disapppointingly sound like a very poor experience that you had there. IMO, improvements can always be made to processes; and even when those processes are what they are at that time, there should be as consistent and clear guidance as can be given to anyone such as yourself going through that.


Unsure if the team here can do anything to help at this stage, but if you'd like us to look into this for you, feel free to send us a Private Message with your contact details and any relevant info (e.g. reference numbers) to our @Sam_UK  account ( Guide on how to send a Private/Direct Message here if you need it:  


You can also get in touch with us on our socials @SamsungUK -- if you haven't done so already.


In any case, I hope that it gets fully sorted for you.


Very kind of you to offer but I am done with any more communication from samsung, I have lost faith with their lies and constant lack of any knowledge 

It's in the hands of my credit card now.than, goodness I paid that way.  I will bounce back my payment. I actually feel like I have been robbed or mugged this process has left me distressed. 

They stole my money no goods for it and won't return it, they should be prosecuted 


No worries – and fully understandable how you feel. In the event you change your mind at any time, we’re on hand here.

They are the worst I've ever seen