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Customer Service Brick Walls

(Topic created on: 28-08-2022 05:29 PM)

My experience has been AWFUL! My Galaxy S10 had water ingress even though it is advertised as IP68 water resistant! I was very annoyed, but was offered 15% discount for my troubles. I get 15% off from my company PerkBox portal anyway! BUT you can't use this voucher with them on top!!

I have tried about 10 TIMES to order a Galaxy S22, the order goes though, and I even see that my credit card was charged, only to find an order cancelled email only 5 minutes after!! 

Customer support does not care, they sited privacy issues as to why the order keeps getting cancelld, yet previously I have bought many times from the store.

My experience has put me off buying Samsung products for life!! I used to love them, as reliable phones.. I have their watch, which I love.. But I see they are too big to care anymore now.. 

In summary, a product (S10) that was supposed to be IP68, had water damage after a 5 minute swim, within 1 metre depth, Samsung refuse to acknowledge that their phone did not function as advertised. And unable to buy a new S22 as the order just gets cancelled within 10 minutes of a successful purchase.. We are typically getting a brick wall now when we need help.. Which is why Apple seem to be leading the way for customer support! I'm afraid it is a sad goodbye to Samsung after a terrible experience with their support. 

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If for whatever reason computer says no, can you try and go to the shop/store direct? Apple has similar online security shopping policy. It is all algorithm driven 

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I'm sorry to hear of your difficulties with ordering your phone. I have seen past posts where due to something showing as a security issue the order is refunded automatically by Samsungs systems.

Unfortunately there isn't anything you can do to stop this if it happens.

I believe you can only use one discount code per purchase at the checkout stage too.

In regards to your phone that has suffered water ingress it is correct the phone is advertised with a rating , however you mention correctly that " it is advertised as IP68 water resistant "

Meaning it is not water proof so there is always the possibility that water / liquid can make it's way inside which isn't covered in the manufacturers warranty and will be covered / mentioned in the manufacturers warranty. 

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 


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