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Bad customer experience

(Topic created on: 09-06-2022 06:08 PM)
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My name is Hosen and live in Germany. I brought  a mobile from Germany Samsung online shop last years. Mobile phone was not perfect for me and the I back to shop.  It been more thank 6 months I didn't get back my money.  I call Samsung customer service more thank 100 times. Some time they ans me they will back it next, sometimes  2 working days, sometimes it been working.  I'm really disappointed with Samsung customer service.  I've using Samsung Since my young age .I decide now not to use Samsung anymore.

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Hi @Members_eum5xhi 


In the Uk when I've sent back a phone it took around 2 weeks to acquire a refund.

Samsung need to accept the shipment back to their returns department and then the phone would need assessing to ensure it met the returns criteria.

And then they issue the refund which can take a few working days.

They [ the Samsung Online Shop Team  ] should have an email address for you to email them to ask for an update if your experiencing issues in regards to telephoning them.

Have a search on your regions Samsung Shop Site as well as a Google Search.

If necessary look for ways to raise a ticket to escalate this to a higher department for consideration.

If Samsung have confirmed they have received the phone then also speak with your Banks Customer Support if you paid by card to ask if they can help with the refund.

My advice is as a UK Customer so your banking rules maybe different in Germany.

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 

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What a dreadful company for customer service. i waited a month for a mobile and then it arrived unusable. Contacted several supposed help by chat and phone but they simply do not care. They are good at selling and taking your money but hopeless at support. Lets all boycott Samsung until they get their customer service to the level that matches their prices.