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Anyone found a fix to purchase from the US Store with foreign billing addresses?

(Topic created on: 19-11-2023 03:29 AM)

So i have been able to purchase from the US store several times before, in fact today would be my 5th or 6th time but again as my past experience i had to retry at least 15 times or more when i purchased my fold 5. At the end i dont know what worked but i was able to buy the phone with a credit card from mexico i just entered the same shipping address as my billing address and i THINK i used a vpn on the last try. 

Now im trying to buy a galaxy watch and same experience, im manage to pay, receive an email and 20 minutes later it gets cancelled.  

Now i spoke to agents, spoke to support and sales, my bank and still samsung´s stupid policy is cancelling my order. Samsung needs to stop this system, there are MANY users in the US and everywhere that have billing addresses from other countries. This is an international brand so they need to make it better.

Anyway has anyone found a solution for now? thanks for reading


Managed to buy the galaxy watch by using a vpn and doing all the process with the vpn activated in california. Hope this works again when the fold 6 launches. SAMSUNG PAY ATTENTION YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS!!! you were going to lose me with the mexican policy of deactivating phones purchased here and used in mexico but thank god you didnt went with it but stop doing stupid policies

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Samsung prefer you purchase products in the region their customers live for multiple reason. One is warranty is only valid in country of purchase and two the handset firmware is tailored to the region of purchase so to get best experience

Why not buy from country you live in?