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Z Fold 6 Expectations

(Topic created on: 21-02-2024 09:10 PM)
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Speculation  that the Z Fold 6 will use the same image sensor but there will be a change in the aspect Ratio of the external Display.  Samsung  could  well use brighter and more efficient display panels on its next foldables. As  the OnePlus Open's display features  a peak brightness of 2,800 nits, Samsung will try to  either match  or surpass that number with the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

Think the camera will not be a major advance, whilst some articles did suggest the possibility of the 200 MP sensor this would be challenging with the form factor. Nonetheless  should expect to see  image quality improvements due to a faster  image signal processor (ISP) and processing enhancements.  Some more  detail  in this article 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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The Z Fold 5 cameras have been really good. But alas they just don't compete with stuff like the S24 series cameras.
Difficult with the form factor of the phone to get enough space to put much better sensors in.
But I would like to see better sensors in the phone.
That outer screen, even if it was half inch wider. Would make a big difference. Plus being wider would allow more space inside the phone.
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After using the S24U, you realise how bad other cameras are, my ZFold4 and ZFLIP5 are poor in comparison.

Wants for the ZFOLD6 are of course the same camera as the S24U given I can be a £2k device.

The reported super robust screen.
An inch bigger or two.
Projector function 😳
Thicker design so camera is flush.
Integrated S Pen.
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According to leaked renders will not be  major changes with the Z Fold 6:

"We're talking same 7.6-inch primary display and 6.2-inch cover screen, a pretty much unchanged (at least at first glance) triple rear-facing camera setup with a separate LED flash to the side, as well as a "droplet" style hinge designed to make the crease formed by repeatedly folding and unfolding the main panel as subtle as possible".

However with the design curves will be traded for very sharp edges creating a boxy Frame that may divide opinion.  see more detail here 


I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.