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Why oh Why do the US get such better discounts than the UK and other countries

(Topic created on: 27-07-2023 02:13 PM)

Just read that there are special discounts for first responders etc in the US.  Also, there is a $1000 discount on the new fold.

How can this be right for loyal Samsung customers, please?

Big Cheese
Because Apple dominates their market - they have a different marketing strategy for US
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These are usually deals and incentives by network providers that subsidise the purchase prices, as generally the phones come with network provider contracts.
They will end up paying for the phone, but they initially get the discount.
Don't forget that they have to pay taxes on top of the purchase price
The setup in the US is totally different to what we have.
Seems like they get great deals, and there are some out there.
But if you purchase an unlocked phone out there you will pay just the price of the phone
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Apple's  dominance  certainly  effects strategy.  The US is also a bigger market and there  may will be differences in costs, also need to factor in exchange rates and the fact that US prices are quoted pre sales tax. Tech goods are generally more expensive in Europe.

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Big Cheese
They always do get better deals while the UK gets the ***** left overs, even India have just a bigger market like the States has.
Helping Hand
Several reasons, America have over 10 times more population than the UK, this means the networks buy more units from Samsung and get better prices so then they can offer better trade in deals as the money is in the contract consumers sign. Prices don't include taxes so they seem cheaper than they are. I am sure it helps that Samsung purchase some compenents from American companies like Qualcomm for example so helps in deals. Apple has 60% market share in the USA and 50% in the UK so Samsung has to appeal more with better deals. The USA has more smartphone competition than the UK. Also import and export duties, since brexit it has affected our prices and companies have to fill out different longer tax forms to comply with the UK laws now instead of EU laws.
Helping Hand
Samsung have to keep the price down in usa otherwise lose us market like huawei