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why fix something when it's not broken!

(Topic created on: 04-12-2020 11:39 AM)
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I have loved my phone from day one and always chose Samsung over the years but for some bloody reason they done a software update yesterday and they have totaly changed the phones and their layout and their look aaaaaaaaahhhh. I am honestly ready to throw my phone in the bin. Why on earth did Samsung do this the phone was absolutely fine and all set to my own ways and the have totaly ruined it why have you done this and now even just turning my lockscreen on to check the time my clock is half way down my LOCKSCREEN and not at the top middle where it has always been aaaaaaahhh nooooooo why why why. If there is nothing wrong with something then do not try and fix it or even change it. Now put out a new update and give me the choice to put my phone back to NORMAL!