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Ur favourite song of all time.........mines is, 'Shes like the wind', by Patrick Swayze, whats urs?


Whats ur fav song of all time? Mine is, 'Shes like the wind', by patrick, whats urs?😁


It's tough one to answer for me. There's stuff I love like Bomb The Bass's 'Winter In July' (where I find the lyrical content profound); or Maxwell's 'Get to Know Ya' and 'Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)' - because Maxwell sings my heart. And of course there's the Prince stuff like 'When Doves Cry' and 'Most Beautiful Girl In The World'.


But I guess the winner would be Sade's 'No Ordinary Love'. The album version is awesome IMO, but this live version tops it (the video contains flashing images BTW).

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I don't think i could pick one ......Hall and Oats abandon lunchonette.....Wet Wet Wet..... high on the happy side
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So many i can't decide

Bomb the Bass' Megablast from Xenon 2 is a classic. So good, the one track is repeated throughout the entire game. 


I don't really have a favourite song..  but this is just a random selection that I listened to whilst growing up! This could really be another new thread.. 


> Michael Jackson - Billie Jean & Smooth Criminal/Annie are you okay (tbh I just love MJ)

> No Doubt - Don't Speak

> Bjork - Venus as a Boy (I heard this in the soundtrack to the movie 'Leon', I love this movie)

> Brandy & Monica > The boy is mine 

> Toni Braxton - You're makin' me high


@AntS I lovee Sade - No Odinary Love!! Even more because she's swimming around like a mermaid in the music video:heavy-black-heart:


I'm such an indecisive person I don't have a favourite anything... :face-with-rolling-eyes:



@MasukaH: The song and video for 'No Ordinary Love' go together perfectly IMO - there's a dreamlike aquatic feel in the music (at least to me).


I grew up with MJ too - with my mum really liking him, and me being amongst the first of the MTV-generation. 'Beat It' was the one for me as a kid... but there's a few others of his I also really like.


'You're Making Me High' is a great slice of classic 90's R&B; and always makes me think of long, hot summers. Plus, the video is pretty good too...


Some good choices and certainly the  Sade and Bomb The Bass ones are great.  Always have a few favourites and can depend on mood, however will list a few not mentioned here.


Life On Mars- David Bowie

Bohemian Rhaspody-Queen

Cloudbusting-Kate Bush

Rockaria-Electric Light Orchestra

Once in A Lifetime-Talking Heads

West End Girls-Pet Shop Boys

Man In The Mirror-Michael Jackson

Nothing Compares 2 U -Sinead O'connor

Messed Up Kids-Jake Bugg

You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman-Carole King


Love shinedown...saw them ..again 7th Nov 😍
Love!cloudbusting!AND bowie,queen ones!good choice

Too many....

Shinedown sound of madness

Metallica nothing else matters

30 seconds to mars the kill

Godsmack greed

Pink Floyd comfortably numb

Led zep rock and roll/stairway to heaven

Black Sabbath. ..lots!..depending on mood at time



@Debz666 wrote:
Love shinedown...saw them ..again 7th Nov 😍

@Debz666 - I'm so jealous!!! I saw them live on their Amaryllis tour and Black Stone Cherry Supported.

Shinedown and the lead from BSC did a cover of Highway To Hell and it was AMAZING!

Need to go again. 


Also, strong song choices. Sound of Madness is amazing (the full album is - all their albums are).

Comfortably Numb is one of my favourite Pink Floyd songs.




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