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'Tis the season

(Topic created on: 20-12-2022 09:40 AM)

‘Tis the Season



Happy holidays lovely readers! I hope you are all well and keeping warm. At this time of year many people are feeling the financial pressures of life. So this article will cover cheap and sustainable ways to celebrate.

When it comes to decorations, we’ve all seen those houses lit up like they are trying to be seen from space. Don’t worry, Santa will still visit your place no matter what it looks like, so you can keep the decorations simple. If you’ve got some spare time and feel like getting creative, you can make your own table decorations and wreaths using pine cones, leaves and twigs found in your local forest. Your wreath can even be a bird feeder too.

As shiny as it is, try and avoid glitter on cards and wrapping paper. If you’ve ever had an experience with glitter, you will know that these microplastic sparkles get everywhere and that includes our water systems. Also, when it comes to cards, avoid cards with plastic wrapping. It may seem like a small thing, but small actions add up quickly. Loose cards or cards in a box tend to be cheaper too. If you really want to save money, buy your Christmas cards in the January sale, this saves them from being recycled unused.

Did you know that some wrapping paper isn’t recyclable?! The wrapping paper that has a sheen to it is not recyclable as the reflective characteristic is achieved by covering the paper with a thin layer of plastic or laminating it. So be careful not to put non-recyclable wrapping paper in your recycling bin. The old fashioned brown paper is a safe bet, and you can even personalise it using stencils and pens to make your own wrapping paper. Wrapping paper with lots of plastic tape on it is also not recyclable, but brown or masking tape is a great alternative.


Gifts are a huge part of the festive season for many people. While I’m sure we all appreciate extravagant gifts, you don’t have to go all out to gift something meaningful. Something small but personal and thoughtful can often mean a lot more than a new device or clothes. Handmade gifts may sound cheap and tacky, but the fact that you have thought about the recipient at every stage in the making progress is beautiful. Switching your family gift exchange to a secret Santa or white elephant game brings an element of mystery and fun whilst cutting costs on gifts. Experience gifts provide opportunities to make lasting memories with your loved ones, instead of giving a material gift.

Most importantly the winter holidays allow us to relax and give us time to spend with the people we love. That’s the greatest gift of all.