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The Introduce Yourself Thread


Figured we should have a thread like this.


Hi all! I'm AntS. :smiling-face-with-sunglasses:


I've worked for Samsung since 2014: starting on t'phone in the frontline Mobile/Tablets Tech Support team, moving on to the Online Shop Support team, then to the Social Media team, where I spent most of my time...  and which is how I ended up here.


My hobbies include reading (I might be a bit of a bibliophile), writing, drawing/design, the odd bit of rambling with my Dad, and despairing at the state of modern football (apart from at Lionel Messi - whom I might have a little mancrush on...)


I'm a Fantasy, sci-fi, comic book, and Saturday-morning cartoon geek. Love stuff like Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Supernatural, Babylon 5. Big fan of Transformers - the original '80s Generation 1 stuff rather than Bayformers.


(LOL. And I love that RyanM's introduction thread for me was liked by someone called @Bangtidy1991. Oosh! :keithlemon: )

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Hi everyone no spare time. Aĺl together now 'aww' got a website though.

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Hi everyone 

Hi @Arieta  and @David126  (and all the others who've posted since I last visited this thread)! :smiling-face: 


@Fudgy31: Have to say that I've enjoyed reading the bants you had with @bazzz , @Colin19, and  @KillYourIdols  over #Budgate. :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

Sounds like fun! 😃
I can't believe that I've only just seen that you're from Leeds our Ant!
(Quality people from Yorkshire ;).
@AntS its been fun but has been a bit worrying at times not knowing if we were actually still going to get our earbuds or not.

I dont know what posessed Samsung to make them white, they are gonna get dirty real quick.

The next questions are going to be @Colin19 how do you clean yours? BUDS Im talking about
Still waiting for my ear buds too
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Hi...just joined the Samsung community with a purchase of tab s5e...a bit frustrated that I cant see the benefits tab on members app...any help is appreciated

@Sudipto I sent mine back to Vodafone because I couldnt get on with it.  Mine came with a keyboard and the SPen.  For TABLET you just cant beat the Ipad Pro 12.9 Inch

Hi there & welcome :-).

You say that you're having problems with the stock Samsung keyboard. 

Have you tried "Swiftkey" which is available in the Play store?

It's a great keyboard for swiping...probably the best. (Plus you can change up the look of it with different themes too).


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