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The Introduce Yourself Thread


Figured we should have a thread like this.


Hi all! I'm AntS. :smiling-face-with-sunglasses:


I've worked for Samsung since 2014: starting on t'phone in the frontline Mobile/Tablets Tech Support team, moving on to the Online Shop Support team, then to the Social Media team, where I spent most of my time...  and which is how I ended up here.


My hobbies include reading (I might be a bit of a bibliophile), writing, drawing/design, the odd bit of rambling with my Dad, and despairing at the state of modern football (apart from at Lionel Messi - whom I might have a little mancrush on...)


I'm a Fantasy, sci-fi, comic book, and Saturday-morning cartoon geek. Love stuff like Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Supernatural, Babylon 5. Big fan of Transformers - the original '80s Generation 1 stuff rather than Bayformers.


(LOL. And I love that RyanM's introduction thread for me was liked by someone called @Bangtidy1991. Oosh! :keithlemon: )

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      I tried yesterday and it didn't work. I can only get backed up stuff from gmail/android? As my phone was iphone/ios/iCloud I wasn't able to access it through Google. I went back to iPhone/whatsapp and had lost my recent stuff, which I'm really upset about 😓


I don't know what else I can do? 


No, a different sim/number... I don't think whatsapp saves to the sim ...🙁

I swapped my sim from Note 4 to S8. Vodafone did their stuff and off i went.

Can you put old sim in new phone and use that to find your stuff?


If not take everything to your phone shop and ask them to help you.

You've gone from the same "platform" if you get me? Android....I'm swapping from ios/iPhone and my stuff is save on Apple cloud. I can't access it on android...

I know. Do you still have the iPhone ?

Is it still accesable from that?


Have you googled this issue?

I've googled it and I wasn't able to find a solution. I have Google drive and backed up all my contacts and photos.

I thought I was able to use Google drive for WhatsApp but unfortunately I couldn't. 


I've managed to transfer all my photos, contacts and normal messages. I've basically got everything from my iPhone  accept my whats app stuff. 


I guess I'll have to accept that I can't get the whatsapp stuff 😕

Well dont give up just yet. Someone else on here might be able to help you.

Have you asked WhatsApp to see if they can help ?

No i haven't? Didn't think that I'd  be able to contact WhatsApp. 


I might have to come to terms with not being able to get my stuff. It's not a major thing but it is a little upsetting 😔

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Hello I'm new to with my s8.

Well hello!

I'm Becci & am an absolute Samsung lover!! Apart from the early days in the 90s when there was little choice, I've only ever veered away from the brand once (& lasted 3 months before going back). Love my 360 cam & VR headset - yes I'm that sad!

When I'm not on my phone, I've either got my trusty oboe in my hand or a crochet hook. 

Love the community spirit on here :smiling-face: 

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