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Swipe-down menu removes active screen

(Topic created on: 27-06-2022 06:02 PM)
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Need help. 

I'm on an A52s. I'm in the google appstore, trying to activate a new creditcard because my old one has expired. I'm getting hit with a two-factor authentification screen which I think is specific to my country (Denmark. The service is called "NETS 3ds" and the screen is called "verify it's you". It asks me to type in the 6 digits sent to me in a text message. So far so good. All very straight forward. BUT, when I go to the drop-down menu to see the text message, the "verify it's you" screen dissapears and I am unable to find it again. When I go back to Google appstore I find merely a new "verify it's you" screen and am sent another message that I also cannot see without apparently making the screen in question disappear forever. 


I tried writing the payment processor company (NETS) but so far they've been very unhelpful and "sounds like a YOU problem" towards me. 

Can anyone here help me?



Emmi S
Community Manager
Samsung Lounge

Hi @JakobSievers 

If you haven´t got help yet, you can contact Samsung Support. I saw in your message that you live in Denmark, here is a link to the Danish support: Produkt Hjælp & Support | Samsung DK 

Hope your issue gets resolved! 😊