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Sustainability Day

(Topic created on: 27-10-2022 09:00 AM)

Sustainability Day 2022


Sustainability Day was on the 26th of October this year. You might think that Sustainability Day is just another green day that no one cares about. Well think again, my friend. Sustainability Day is designed to inspire young people to take action to improve environmental degradation and give themselves a better future. In fact, the creation of this day is down to university students across the country pushing for a greener future.

Ever since its launch in 2014, Sustainability Day has celebrated the work of students and young people in the fight against climate change. Aside from the festivities, this day is vital for every school, college, or university calendar. It sets time aside to brainstorm sustainability ideas and further actions that can be taken both within the education institution and in wider society.

Why does this matter to Samsung? Samsung might not be an educational institution, but you never really stop learning. That is the basis of sustainability day; to have an opportunity to collaborate on sustainability projects that are much bigger than just one organisation. We give employees opportunities to learn through SamsungU and various events and conferences. If you are looking for a longer course, check out Coursera. They have lots of training courses that vary in subject area and length, including a great course on sustainability Introduction to Sustainability | Coursera


Sustainability is something that is on lots of people's mind. Many people associate environmental awareness with conservation or environmental disasters; have you noticed that we're nearing the end of October and it's 18 degrees! It's true that these things come under the same umbrella, but your job will also have environmental aspects. If you work in finance, does our money help to fund fossil fuel use? If you work in product design, are the materials we use sourced ethically? If you work in sales, how does the energy efficiency of a product impact how you sell it? These are just a few examples to highlight that the environment is linked to everything we do.

This October take the opportunity to talk about how sustainability impacts you with your family, friends, and colleagues. It might be a small consideration like printing documents less and keeping more of a digital record, but as the Tesco saying goes “Every Little Helps”. And if you have any ideas, we now have a sustainability email address! You can email, or

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How we move forward on sustainability a major consideration and events like this make an impact,worth looking at it in more detail.

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