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Stalking Evolved

(Topic created on: 11-12-2019 01:07 AM)
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Stalking in the primitive times could simply mean a way of showing interest in someone or something. Today stalking has evolved and become a negative and crime word. Is it right to say that Stalking means a negatively percieved affection? as has been redefined in the social context of today. My grand father stalked my grandma with guitar before they ended up married, but today may be my grandpa would have ended up in prison.


I think the term "stalking" has always carried some negative connotation - hence it's application to unwanted, creepy, obsessive and somewhat invasive behaviour in the context of personal relationships.


There's a difference between communicating an interest versus an attempt to force and control the issue -  however covert that attempt is in either action or intention. One of those is genuine love, the other is selfish possessivness.


There are always some universals, but as roles change so do some of the rules. And I'd like to think that we could go beyond the paradigm of "hunter versus hunted" and its associated trophyism in personal relationships; and instead reach a place where we seek, acknowledge, understand and value the genuine, honest and truthful connection with another.

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The term has changed somewhat throughout the years and perhaps sometimes "stalking"   is used too loosely.   Obviously it can be creepy behaviour which causes distress  but in other cases just folk showing general interest.


Nowadays we also have "cyber stalking" and whilst this can be another way of causing harm and needs to be taken seriously,,  other instances of curiosity where there are not negative effects.

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