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So we enter another 'frantic' day of unpacked and pre-orders... just a few things to consider.

(Topic created on: 2 weeks ago)

I always enjoy an unpacked event.   Seeing the latest tech during a public release day.  And pre-orders starting at the same time in parallel as the showcase event.  

Sometimes I am tempted, other times i am not.  I am certainly very interested in joining the folding community, but depending on the pre-order deals and the official specs of the Fold6 being shown in the coming hours.  

It is understood the frantic rush to order early, get the best deals, and to get the earliest delivery.   But having the latest technology comes at a cost sometimes...

- early software can be a bit buggy for a couple of months.

- pre-ordering and the loading on the delivery companies can be very hard for a couple of weeks.   Inevitably some people won't get their parcel when it is promised, or other issues may arise. 

- customer service... well we know they are not the best from the forums.  But they are human beings... and although might not be able to answer every question are trying their best.   I already feel sorry for the service team... for the upcoming abuse they may receive. 


These phones cost a heck of a lot of money, and I agree that sometimes issues that occur during these events, pre-orders, and deliveries can be in-excusable.   


The message of the day is 'BE KIND' when you can.    Everyone in the chain are doing their best.  The millions of phones to be sold over the next couple of weeks will be hard to achieve, as they always are.   


Have a good day


- Smiley

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Very wise words indeed @smiley 

I too love these Unpacked events where Samsung can show their true innovative products and software.

I loved the time I had with my Fold³ and I'll never say no to owning one again. 

Enjoy the Unpacked event as will I. 

Onwards and upwards Samsung  😎

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