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Smarthing + TV = Bug

(Topic created on: 28-02-2023 03:55 PM)
It has been over a year and I really regret that I went to my Samsung TV setting and upgrade the software. I am warning you all if you have a TV that it is built since 2015 - do not upgrade the software, I think. 
Mine went to bad luck and support said there is no way to downgrade the OS version. After upgrading my TV the connection between Smarthings phone to TV has been lost. They are not communicating any longer. I have tried to fabrik install my TV, my support did so many things and he said that it need to send to reperation-store. Support said that he thinks there is issue with my network. My network has been fine and has called reperator too and it is all great. The router is very close to TV which is funny. BUT when you turn on the TV and you go Spotify, Disney+ or other apps it works, which means this TV has no problem with Internet. I beilive that there is something bug with OS or Smartthing app. 

Like I said, it has been over one year and I compalined to Samsung to fix the bug but they just ignored. 
Has anyone got the same problem like I have? 
I really miss to call bixby to turn on or off TV. 
The routine-app is useless now. Can't do anything. 


We're sorry to hear you're having issues with Smartthings.

If all other functions on the TV work as they should, I have a hard time believing that the problem lies with the TV. I would recommend that you try reinstalling the smartthings app on the device you are using to try to connect to the TV and see if it works better after this.

Should you still experience problems, we recommend that you submit a ticket to our Samsung Smartthings support. Then they will be able to investigate the problem more closely. You can do this via this link:

Press Contact Us > Sign in to your Samsung Account > Select Smartthings.

I hope this helps you.