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Smart Things indeed Samsung Smart View App

(Topic created on: 09-04-2020 03:37 AM)
Samsung Lounge

Currently, Samsung Smart TVs have the possibility of being controlled from the mobile, as well as sending them files that we have stored in the mobile to view its. Samsung TVs were among the first to support this feature, but the app that was used until now will no longer be available. Yes, as you hear it, will it be for good? Smart Things arrives at his post and with Bixby holding the little finger and not the big one yet, always than Samsung want found it.


Smart View, the company's application adds that allows you to control televisions from your mobile without an extra app.


This app has more than 10 million downloads in the G Play Store, and has been available since 2015 without interruption. However, Samsung yesterday updated the app to include a new message that says "End of Service Announcement for Smart View app (Oct. 5, 2020)."


Samsung tells us that the Smart View application will no longer have support from October 5, 2020, disappearing it from the Google Play Store. Therefore, it will no longer be able to download, although you can continue using it on your mobile if you have it installed. If you delete it, you will have to look for the APK elsewhere until it is no longer backward compatible with new versions or communication protocols.


Samsung states that for models superior to the range K5500 of 2016 and M5500 of 2017, in addition to The Frame, the new Samsung SmartThings application can be used, which is available in the Google Play Store, Samsung Galaxy Store and Apple App Store.


So, if your TV is later than those, you will have no problem going to use the new application. However, if your TV is older than these models, you will be unable to use the features of the new app and you will be forced to use the old one. In addition, there are models in some regions that are not compatible with the new app, such as the 2016 K6300 and K6000 in South Korea and North America, or the 2017 M6100 in Argentina and Brazil. For M6103 and M6000, it will not work with either.