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Size of smart phone

(Topic created on: 25-02-2022 10:13 PM)
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As a female Samsung phone user I have an A40 which fits nicely into my hand.  Soon I will be replacing it and want another phone that is comfortable to hold. However every phone currently available seems to have been designed for a large man with giant hands. The obsession seems to be having a phone large enough to watch video clips, TV programmes or whole films on.  I find a TV much better for that sort of thing if I want that much detail.  Instead I want a phone that fits nicely into my hand, is comfortable to hold  and fits easily into my bag. Why can't Samsung have at least one phone deigned for the average woman, or even a woman with smallish hand,s rather than a man?  After all women make up half of the population.  I can't believe that I am the only woman who thinks this - in fact I know I'm not.  Not just my friends but the shop assistants selling the phones have agreed with me that it is strange that all the phones being offered for sale by Samsung at the moment seem to be the same huge size.  Is there no market for phones of different sizes or do they all have to be the same?  So please Samsung tell me why you don't have a phone designed for a woman!

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The S22 is a reasonable size. Doesn't have the large size the other range has.
Unfortunately it's all market driven and I guess the smaller phones don't sell as well
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The Z Flip 3 is the best of both worlds. I have one and it's the best phone I've enjoyed in a long time.
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The Samsung S21 is a good size. Im a female aswell. I use the S21 and despite having slightly bigger hands than a typical female and being used to bugger phones, this phone is the perfect size for me. Hope you enjoy whichever phone you get 👌
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Hi @Laurences 


It is interesting to see that screen sizes have changed so much over the years.

I remember when phone's were getting smaller and smaller.

I once had a Motorola flip phone that when closed was close to the size of a matchbox !

Now the current trend is phablets. 

Have you considered the Z Fold³ ?

I'd suggest to make a shortlist of phone's your considering and then pop into your most local Samsung Experience Store or a Highstreet Store that has working retail demo models on display to hold.

Enjoy your journey  😎

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I'll admit I can't use my stupidly large phone one handed but I never did even with my old Moto G4 which was at least small enough to fit in a pocket. If you really want to stay with a smaller phone consider an Apple iPhone SE. I know that's like swearing on here but the fact is that it's made with one handed use in mind still.