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Short Movie Contents With Smartphones

(Topic created on: 10-03-2022 01:50 PM)
First Poster

I am an owner of a Galaxy M02 smartphone and I wish to suggest to you some ideas and feedback for marketing purposes. The idea is to hold movie competitions on a Facebook page for short movies made from your Galaxy range of smartphones. By some kind of watermark, you must find a way to verify if it is from a Samsung Galaxy smartphone the movie has been made. You can decide the categories of movies you are awarding the prizes. Separate competitions can be held for each country and winners can be picked up continentally and internationally as well. There are so many young movie makers without the right apparatus and the resources to make cinematic motion picture films. You can give away those apparatus like cameras, drones (hopefully dji) and computers, as prizes to make movies on magnetic base medium and not on celluloid films. After the production is complete, the film maker can transfer the motion picture from magnetic medium to celluloid for screening purposes. Maybe if you start this competition other smartphone brands would also copy it and it would become a big television reality experience. The short film could be of the length of a song or a dance, and later as the competition progresses, it can become longer. How is my idea?