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Samsung Warranty Discussion

(Topic created on: 25-08-2021 07:19 AM)
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Hi all, just wanted to know a bit more about the 2-year Samsung Warranty that is included on all Samsung devices in Currys. It would be great, if you gave examples to some of the questions below:

- Is it for every Samsung device sold in the U.K?
- What does the warranty cover and exclude?
- Do I have to pay a fee and if so, how much?
- After the 2-year warranty, what alternative options are there in case my device breaks say, 1 month after the 2-year warranty ends?
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Just buy it already.... click a photo of the sign in Curry's and then run to them crying with the problem. Manufacturers warranties are free and usually cover parts and labour for parts that have failed.... it will not cover you dropping, flushing down the toilet, leaving in the oven, driving over it or scratches. If it fails out of warranty, you pay for everything. You could however approach another company that offers a breakdown service for the life you have the item for a monthly fee.(I don't know how much because I don't work for these companies)

Discussion? What discussion?
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Some more information here, the warranty does not cover accidental damage or a fault developed after exposure to water.  The battery though only has 12 months warranty  Yes for every Samsung Device in Uk  The difference between the warranty and Samsung care Plus which is an  an additional cost (though 1 years free currently offered with Z  Fold 3/Z Flip3)  However  Samsung Care Plus must be taken out within 6 months of purchase.There are alternatives but protection varies 

When out of warranty and cover the relevant fees apply which in some cases will be quite expensive.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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OK, that was errr different... (WTF)