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Samsung Upgrade Programme Query (Note 20 Ultra to S22 line)

(Topic created on: 18-08-2021 11:45 AM)
Samsung Lounge

Hi everyone,

I'm currently on the upgrade programme with my Note 20 Ultra (I've been on this programme since the Note 9) and I was a little disappointed that a Note 21 line would not be coming this year. I've noticed this year around people on the Note line have had the option to upgrade to the Flip/Fold series but personally these phones don't interest me at all.

I started my upgrade plan around mid November so I'm not yet eligible for an upgrade, but my query is would it be possible to upgrade to the S22 line (if it does happen to release in my upgrade window, I believe they should be releasing the S22 line around January?) as the existence note line is now up for debate, or will the upgrade now transfer exclusively to the flip/fold series?

Thanks :smiling-face:

TLDR: Will it be possible to upgrade from the Note 20 Ultra to an S22 phone, if the phone releases within my upgrade window (I started the programme mid November).

Superuser I
Superuser I
Samsung Lounge

Hi @ShadowTriad  Unfortunately think upgrading from Note 20 Ultra to an  S22 will be tricky as it is generally not possible at the moment to switch from one series to another.    see this thread     Whilst not definite a Note 22 is expected to be in the  pipeline 


My Device- S21 Ultra 5G ( SM-998B/DS ) CSC= BTU , 12GB/256GB
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