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Samsung Upgrade programme misleading

(Topic created on: 01-03-2022 08:36 PM)
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So I purchased the Galaxy Note Ultra in 2020 by the upgrade programme. I was offered the upgrade to the fold/flip in August 2021 but decided that it would not be the phone for me due to the change in size and inferior camera. Roll on 6 months and the Galaxy S22 Ultra comes out and I think this would be the ozone to upgrade to, yet I am unable to now upgrade? 

Samsung say that I can only upgrade to the flip/fold because my phone is not listed as a Galaxy, even though the About phone lists it as a Galaxy, and despite the upgrade programme stating that you can upgrade to the latest Galaxy phone anytime between 12-24 months. Feel totally cheated here and despite complaining have had no response. I can't be the only person. Yo have been misled in this way!!
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Trouble with the upgrade program, and I have fallen foul of it before. You can only upgrade to the same model range.
Now the Note line is finished, so the only option is to take the alternative option Samsung gave or carry on until the last payment.
The S22 Ultra is seen as a model lower. Therefore not applicable to the program you are on.
Unfortunately there's a lot in the terms and conditions that don't get read or missed as there's so much to read through.
I'm the first to hold my hands up and say that with the excitement, I can skip through them quickly.
The irony before with the Note 10+. They wouldn't let me upgrade to the Z Fold 2 at the time.
Unfortunately it's what we sign upto when we join the upgrade program.
For what it's worth. It seems to be only logical to be able to go with the S22 Ultra. But it is what it is.
Samsung Lounge
I was in the same situation coming from the Note 20 Ultra, no Note 21 Ultra, not interested in the Fold as it would have got trashed at work so naturally the S22 Ultra was the ideal Note replacement.

With no upgrade program the only thing to do was buy the S22 Ultra outright because I am already tied to the upgrade program for a few more months on the Note 20 Ultra.
The trade in for the Note 20 Ultra was £570 so that helped with the enormous cost of these new flagships so I ended up paying around £670 for the S22 Ultra.