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Samsung support scam?

(Topic created on: 16-03-2022 07:26 PM)
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February 20 I made an order on a S22 Ultra, I traded my old phone and was supposed to get XX swedish kr. March 2nd I got an email from Samsung Recycling that they have accepted my trade and that they gonna pay me, and that it would take up to 5 days until I get it, fine. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and then the 9 I called Samsung Support and asked, and how it all looked:

1. Approved March 2nd, approved and would get paid within 5 days.
2. March 9 I called, but the girl fussed that I have already received my money, I asked how it was possible when I ordered February 20, then March 2rd I received confirmation email that the trade was approved and that I would get paid, then she said that's not true.
3. Got an email that I should wait for the money to come.
4. Called again, and then I got the answer that I will not get any money because I already have received (directly when I ordered the phone February 20).
5. Received the next email stating that I have misunderstood and that I will not get any money at all.
6. Called again and the guy first thought it was wrong from my side and that I should not get, then after a lot of talk and I explained everything slowly but surely (seemed like he had a hard time understanding) everything so he said I should contact Klarna (global payments and shopping service) because he can not help.
7. Contacted Klarna (global payments and shopping service), and she (who I talked with) saw that I should get money back, reacted that it has taken so long and said where I should contact.
8. The next day I received a reply from Klarna and they replied that I should get a refund but it is reserved because Samsung has not released and approved it yet and that I should try to get in touch with them again.
9. March 16 - both sent emails and called, the girl I talked to first said that I must have received my money because it says that a deduction was deducted from the total amount immediately when I paid, yes BUT I have not received them, and first you (Samsung) had to approve my trade, so how could I get the money right away? and Klarna has said that they see that I should get money but that it is not approved by Samsung yet, still reservation (by Samsung), and then she reacted that it was a bit strange and would check it out.

She was supposed to email me immediately (what she said) so I could forward the email from Klarna, screenshot from the bank, screenshot of the email I received from them/Samsung Recycling (March 2nd) that my trade was approved, but no, whole day and I have still not got email from her.

What a scam Samsung is, what can I do? the support don't seem to know so much.
- Ordered February 20
- March 2 I got a email from "Samsung Recycle" that they approved my trade and going to pay me, gonna take up to 5 days til' I get my money.
- After March 9 I contacted them few times and they said that I will not get, or that will not get because I already had got (same day I paid for my order).
- March 16 the girl seemed little smarter and saw that something was wrong, was supposed to email me, but nothing.
- Confirmed that my trade was accepted March 2nd and they were gonna pay me then, now we have March 16 and I hav still not got anything for my trade/old phone.

What can/should I do?

You should call samsung support and ask when do I get my money. However, you should check so you have correct banknumber clearingnummer.
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I think i see the confusion here. If you do a trade in you get 2000kr extra + amount of what your device cost that you send in to Samsung. So the 2000kr is automatically draged off up on purchase of your s22 ultra. But money you shall get is for value of device you traded in. That money shall be paid to you, but I think both ends are mixing and confusing each other up.