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Samsung Stolen Phone

(Topic created on: 07-12-2022 09:40 AM)
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this past week, I just had both my Old S10 + and Samsung 21 ultra stolen from my work truck.  No insurance from work to no surprise.  I have involved police still awaiting a reply.  S10 was used for navigation, and S21 for my normal every day calls.

I have tracked my phone, using the website, however this think times out after 30 minutes, it doesn't search and continue to search if the website is open.  It blows as I can see activation from the phone being turned on etc and turned off.  But When trying to lock the phone, it doesn't seem to work.  it Bull.... if you ask me.  I try to reach Samsung if they can assist no nothing from them.  Police no reply, man it frustrating. 

Getting to the point, is there a web browser that doesn't timeout or am I just on my own.  tracking my phone, I have now seen it's left Switzerland and now in Paris.  I have an address but I think it's an apartment with many people living there.  pretty hard to track.  but they keep trying to tweak and try to hack the phone.  website doesn't show me its LOCKED??





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If the phones were linked with Google or Samsung then they both have ways to turn them into paperweights. I'd also contact the carrier, as I'm guessing both have sim cards. As again they can disable the cards.
Making the phones totally useless.
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I agree with @pete00 

Get the phone's imei locked and the sim cards barred.

Also change your passwords etc especially for sensitive apps such as Internet banking.

I wish you all the best @cory44 

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