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Samsung phones

(Topic created on: 05-05-2022 01:29 PM)
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I take photo's with my phone and have always used a S7. Lately I've had issues with my phone over heating and even though there has been a battery change it's still playing up.

Now, along with every company changing its charge ports, which is enjoying after you've spent hundreds of pounds on equipment that uses one type in particular...I hoped that there would be a Samsung phone that has a camera with slightly better quality and has normalised charging...anyone?

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My experience with the S22 Ultra is great.
Love the cameras on this phone.
The rest of the S22 range, the cameras are great and would be a perfect upgrade from your S7.
Depending on your budget, but a lot of the Samsung range, the cameras will definitely be a step up from the S7.
Charging wise, it's basically all gone to Type C ports. But some of the range of Samsung phones have wireless charging as well. This is something I use most of the time.
Type C ports are better to allow faster charging, faster data transfers. But best of all not having to fiddle getting the cable in the right way up like with micro USB

If you have a Samsung Experience Store near you, pop in and see what would suit you best
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@Wildflowers  Very good advice from @Glenntech ,  just to add I think the S21 or S22 series would suit you well, should notice a difference in quality and processing speed.  You can see comparisons here  but S22 series is obviously a bit more advanced. You will get more of an idea by trying models out though.

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