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Samsung Not Honouring Free Ear Buds and Extended Warranty

(Topic created on: 10-08-2021 12:42 PM)
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I bough a Galaxy laptop and was told it was eligible for ear buds and free extended warranty, I went on the claims website as instructed by the store but NO - not eligible. Called Samsung and got through to a stupid woman who could not understand that we bought it in a Samsung Experience Store and not a third party shop. There must have been something wrong with her as she kept on saying it was not eligible because we bough it somewhere else. I gave up in the end.

I called Samsung customer services who said I had to go back to the store which would take me half a day to do.

Eventually he emailed the store for me but said that it would be quicker to go in person as it could take days for them to reply. 

Bad show Samsung! Does anyone from Samsung read this forum? 


Continuation ...... The store called me and said I had to come back and they would fill in the forms for me.  Took me four hours but the deed was done.....................but not so!

Today I have received an email stating that the serial number is missing when it is not as the office staff did  it.

It seems to me that Samsung make it as difficult as possible to make a claim in the hope that you give up!.

Have to NOW send a photo of the laptop serial number on the laptop. The saga continues....