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Samsung Makers, Feedback

(Topic created on: 13-12-2021 06:39 AM)

Hi Everyone!

Recently we (Superusers) got our name changed into "Samsung Makers", in my opinion the process to come to this decision could be handled better.

Please note I'm posting this publicly for the following reasons:
- To make it available to all Samsung Makers
- Considering there is not an accessible private forum available with the intended audience.
- As a bonus point: To make it clear to "normal" users that we are not Samsung employees :winking-face:

Anyhow! I got a few concerns with the decision making process. As far I'm aware Super Users where not involved into the decision making process of our own title, I get the idea that the goal was to make it the same for everyone but with things of this scale it's best to talk to everyone involved before pushing something though.

The first time I heard about Samsung Makers was in the Samsung Members Global Whatsapp group (Basically an unofficial whatsapp group filled with people that once attended one national Samsung Members Event). Basically the group of the largest Samsung Fans worldwide in existence, at the time I had no idea that it would involve us at all and thought that Superusers would have been a better fit.

Anyhow, superusers have been, present and in the past been confused as Samsung Employees (We clearly are not :winking-face: ). Instead we are people that make helpful posts, nice stories. Help people and so on. In a way the title Samsung Makers does clarify what we do but also makes it very likely that people will confuse us for Samsung Employees (Something I have been accused about many times)

The process leading to this decision is, as at the very least lacking when it comes to engagement of the stakeholders. With decisions like this it's usually best to ask everyone involved before making a final decision instead of throwing it on us as a big surprise (Titles are a sensitive thing :winking-face: ).

Please note that I'm not angry, but I'm definitely disapointed in the process. I do hope that Samsung takes this as an opportunity to improve in the future.

Anyhow! That was my bit of constructive criticism, what do you think about the title? Does it fit well enough or what do you think that should be changed?

Let's make a better Samsung for tomorrow today :winking-face:

Samsung Members Star ★
I think it's a poor choice of title. It fails to describe what we do and implies we work for Samsung. I've had a few "you would say that because you're a Samsung employee ". It reduces my credibility if people don't see me as being independent.
I've interpreted samsung makers as contributers coding etc
Samsung Members Star ★★

Hey there,

I agree that the title might be a bit confusing but I can't say I don't like it. It's got a certain ring to it 🙂

I think all of us have had problems with users believing we are Samsung employees ... and it is very hard to change their mind. I stopped trying.

Whatever Samsung decides to call us, I will be fine with the decision... it is just a title. It will be impossible to make everyone happy regardless what we are called.

Samsung Members Star ★★

I respect each opinion and don't want to comment too much. Only thing I would like to say is.... I am not here for the title nor for "hidden" benefits. My opinions are not for sale. I am here just to help people with my knowledge as a way to return the favor for what I have learned all these years in different communities.

Who cares what's written above our avatar? Superusers or Samsung Makers we will always be accused we take Samsung part or that we're employees. A title won't change that. 

Guys, the title does not define us....our actions are, whatever the title is.



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Consideri ca un comentariu ti-a fost de ajutor? Marcheaza-l ca solutie in discutia pe care ai deschis-o... Asa vei ajuta si pe altii sa gaseasca rapid rezolvari la probleme similare
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I do not think Samsung Maker is a great title though does have a bit of a ring to it  , still not the best means of defining our role I feel.  I set up the other thread @xSteveuk posted mainly to help the average user and avoid some of the confusion. However know quite a few will likely not notice it.. Some members will assume us to be employees regardless. Whilst not getting too hung up on the title still think it is somewhat important.

Certainly agree we should have been consulted but Samsung Maker likely to stay for a while.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

Samsung Members Star ★★

I honestly think makers is a good title.  While I am not native English-speaker, I typically see "maker" in context of hobbyists, e.g. "Raspberry Pi makers" - referring to those who make something based on Raspberry Pi but not the RPi itself.

While superuser comes from Unix world where it means privileged user, therefore in mobile world can be referenced to rooting (gaining superuser privilegies on) Android, so there could have been some confusion.

Samsung Members Stars
I mean I would say a superuser is a job role. and samsung maker as someone that makes something better of samsung?
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My title is a bit odd too, what's Big Cheese all about?