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Samsung E-mail app has locked the email accounts even at my provider after upgrade

(Topic created on: 26-01-2022 07:12 PM)
First Poster

Suddenly the app refuses to sync two of my three email accounts with a notice that either my username or pass is wrong.

All accounts have the same pass and has worked flawless until this happened, could see in the app reviews, that other also had major problems, some of them just needed a new installation, but others had to get new passes from the provider to get it to work, same as i probably need.

Also tried to connect to my accounts by webmail but it coudnt authorize my login .

Contacted my provider and they could see that the two accounts was locked, they opened them again and tried to login with success, but the problem is still the same for me, so now i have to wait for the letter with new passes.


What the hell has happened?, why is it only two of all my accounts that has been locked and not all ?


I can not answer what is wrong with the app but probably your account has been locked because the e-mail app tried to log you in several times in the background. There has probably been a loop of login and for security reasons, your e-mail account has been locked. If you have not already done so, reinstall the app. then make sure to clear data and cache. this means that you need to add an account again, important then that your account is not locked before you add account again.

Good luck!