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Samsung Developer Conference 2022

(Topic created on: 13-10-2022 04:27 PM)
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The theme of this year’s Developer Conference was the vision of Home Devices for the Future and how efficient Technology should transform People’s lives. The aim to create a seamless frictionless experience. What matters is convenience and a new Eco system puts the user experience at the centre. Homes will learn and Adapt via Smart Things. Thanks to enhancements in the eco system finding, setting up, onboarding and synchronizing new devices into your household will be more straightforward and much more efficient.


Enhanced Samsung and Google integration will roll out next year. The two companies are bringing expanded Matter multi-admin capabilities to their platforms, letting you easily move smart home devices between them. when you open the SmartThings app, any Matter-enabled devices already set up with Google Home will be made available to add to SmartThings and vice versa.


One Ui 5.0 was officially launched displaying a number of key features such as Modes,Routines,pesonalisation , Dynamic Lockscreen , multi tasking upgrades and Bixby text call and integration with Foldable Devices. Whilst no official date the stable release will roll out to the S22 series by the end of October. No timeframe given for other Devices.

There was also some time devoted to Security with the Knox Matrix Tv Plus,Tizen Gaming Hub and Robotics and Health Stack.

See more information here : 


if interested can see replay of the keynote here :




I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.


Looking forward to the enahanced Samsung/Google integrations.

Samsung Members Star ★
Smarthings and Bixby is really evolving in a good way.

Looks like I'll be sticking with samsung for a while.
As a user if Samsung can get the basics Right.. It will be more useful to people like me

When you do Push-ups.. Can't add the number of Push-ups

In any of the strength training activities in the watch /Health app can't add the weight

When you do Deadlifts, Samsung rewards for the standing up time rather than amount of weight lifted

If you are into Running, can't set up monthly running targets

Fitness activities are unique, customer can't design his/her own workouts and send to the watch

None of the established developers are connecting with Samsung health

For God's grace get these right first