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S24 Ultra upgrade wishes

(Topic created on: 12-06-2023 01:03 PM)

Hi Samsung 👋 I am going to upgrade my S21 Ultra to S24 Ultra in the next year. But I have feedback and complaints for Improvement. Complaints Never downgrade because of cost cutting the specification from previous model. Because it is flagship segment. The premium costumers for example like me doesn't think about the price. We only think about the quality and experience. So never downgrade any specification from previous model. What you should do is improvement! Feedback °Bring One UI 6.0 with full of animation in every click something or press back. Full animated like iOS and more integrated. Put more frames to make it run smoothly. °Upgrade camera hardware in front, ultrawide and telephotos camera to improve not ony for photo but also video! Yess the video quality is still behind compare to the iPhone included their features such as portrait video, slowmotion, hyperlaps and super steady. The video still not smooth. °Use Vulkan for optimized the gaming experience! It is useless event the GPU of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 has better performance. Just waste the power! °Snapdragon dragon 8 Gen 3 should not only focus on GPU performance but also CPU. Great cpu performance is very important to improve UI smoothness experience, photo and video processing include editing. This is my feedback so far. Please send my feedback to the relevant team! 🙏

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Hi @HardComment 

You can send this feedback directly to Samsung via your Samsung Members App. 

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