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Reports That S22 FE Has Been Cancelled

(Topic created on: 20-07-2022 03:01 PM)
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Not official but according to Korean website  TheElec,Samsung stopped developing the Fan Edition  due to the success of the S22 Ultra coupled with chip shortages. At the half way point 10 million units have been sold. However seems to dispel the notion that the line is gone permanently with 3 million S23 FE's expected to be produced.  obviously different views on Fan Editions,  whilst have their place and some view them as still impressive but better value,  others do not think it is a worthwhile economy.   Battery life can be an issue.   see more detail here 

Review of S21 FE here 

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Samsung could remove a few phones from there lineup, I'd like to see a 6.1" phone with Ultra spec and battery.
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I have mixed feelings on the fe iterations of the phone's Samsung release.

I appreciate they bring more affordable versions of the phone to consumers but some can be caught out as they assume they have the same / similar features and functions to the main models which isn't always the case.


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