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Problem sending mail to gmail-addresses

(Topic created on: 23-01-2023 07:45 AM)
First Poster

I have a Samsung Galaxy S22 and use the built-in email app and have the latest avaible version installed ( The problem is that it's not possible to send mail to gmail addresses - however, the same mail can be sent to other recipients. I can also send to the same gmail address from my computer (outlook or webmail). When I try to send to a person with, the mail bounces back and I get the error message "Messages missing a valid messageId header are not 550 5.7.1 accepted".

Another person in the family has a Samsung Galaxy S9 and has the same problem. I have also read on other communities about other people with the same problem.

What could be the reason?

Emmi S
Big Cheese

Hi @Aska01 

Which email app are you using? Just to be sure 😊

First Poster
Hi, I'm using Samsung email app.
Annie S

Hi @Aska01 

It's difficult to say exactly where the issue might be rooted, it sounds strange indeed🤔.

I recommend that you create an error report and send it to us. That way our technicians can check some logs and diagnostics to try to find out what the issue might be. You can send the report from either one of the phones that you have the issue with. 

You can create an error report like this: Samsung members app> Support> Error report. 

When you fill out all the information, it's great if you could attach a screenshot of the error message that pops up.

For the diagnostics to work properly, please recreate the issue (by trying to send an email to a gmail adress) right before creating, and sending the error report. That way, the technician will have an easier time trying to find the issue in the logs from the report. 

I hope you get an answer with a solution soon! 😊