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Poor communication and no help. Note 20 Ultra Repair

(Topic created on: 13-08-2021 12:01 AM)
I've sent my Note 20 Ultra for repair. (In Sweden)
I've been without phone for more than 4 weeks now and Samsung Service can't tell me when my phone will be done. They say there is no parts available. (Small crack in front screen)
I have Samsung Upgrade plus with Samsung Care+.
I have paid the repair ("Självrisk" in swedish)

Nobody can tell me when my phone will be repaired and sent back to me. I cannot get a phone to loan from the repair shop, and they say that they can't replace it with another one. 
I still pay my monthly fee for Samsung Upgrade +, have payed insurance, and have paid for the repair almost 4 weeks ago.

Have today asked Samsung support for help, but they can't do anything and refers to the repair shop.
Have been in contact with personal at Samsung Care + and they can't help me or say when my phone is being sent to me. In one months time ? 2 months?, 3 months?. They can't say and expect me to just wait and continue paying. 

This is not how to be consumer friendly. 
Samsung Care + is supposed to be an exclusive insurance with fast repairs and good service. I've experienced neither of those. (Most repairs should be done in 24 hours the Samsung Care + text says, its now more than 600 hours and counting)

I can understand that there is a shortage of parts and I love Samsungs products (Writing this on a Tab S7+ 5G)
However there is nobody willing to help, nobody giving information, (I've called three times this 4 weeks and asked about the repair, and have been patient and friendly, but starting too feel that some better service could be expected after such a long time.)

I got offered to get my phone sent back to me from the repair centre, but without being repaired despite I already paid for it?

I write this here, hoping to get in touch with some consumer friendly support agent, or get your advice if there is anything else I can do?

I enjoy my Note 20 Ultra very much and was thinking of upgrading to Fold 3 when available. Unfortunately having second thoughts after contact with Samsung support and repair... 
(Have borrowed an old iPhone 7 with poor battery life while the Note is away being repaired, so I think you can picture my suffering... ;-))
/ Roger


Hi Roger! I will send you a private message so that you can send me your service details and name - in that way I can at least look into your issue and where it is at, even if I can't promise it will be solved 😊

// ElinH
Thank you Elin.
I've sent you a message with requested information.

Still haven’t gotten my phone back. 
Got a call about a little more than a week ago. The person was nice and promised to have continuous contact with me. Was promised to get contacted yesterday (Monday again). 
Guess what? No call as promised, not yesterday? Not today and I am really getting frustrated with this now. 

Samsung service center sent me an email and wanted my receipt for the phone so that they could make a reclamation at Samsung. 
No information to me? Not a confirmation that they received my message. 
It’s now been 6 weeks since I shipped my phone and I still can’t get information when I’ll get it back. 

As you can tell I am getting really, really frustrated with this. 
I’m paying my monthly fee, have payed the repair and still nothing!!!

Don't know what the hell I’m going to do to solve this. 

Will probably never buy a Samsung product again (which is a shame cause they’re great). 
Have sold my Tab S7+ since my last post and am looking for another tablet. 
Not happy as you can tell, and no. I’m not a troll. 

And Elin, if you contact me again. I prefer email or phone. 

I guess you are the one that made it happen that I got a call last time a wrote here some two weeks ago. Thanks. 
/ Roger. 


Ok. Saw that I had some misspelling and other faults in my message but I don’t care. Think you can understand anyway and I have spent way to much time on this already. 

First Poster
Det finns inga rättigheter som konsument längre tyvärr. Politikerna kan rätta till det men har valt att göra ingenting. Jag har haft tur med alla mina produkter men jag erkänner att jag hellre köper nytt än går genom en trist garanti process

Har köpt en iPhone nu. Tycker fortfarande mer om min Note 20 Ultra dock. 
Har varit utan den i ca 7 veckor och vet fortfarande inte när eller om jag får tillbaka den. Blir det snart så kanske jag säljer iPhonen och har kvar Samsungen. 
Produkten blir ju inte sämre för att servicen inte fungerar. Men blir ju sämre upplevelse totalt. 
Hoppas få någon schysst kompensation för detta. Har blivit av med en reservtelefon (mitt fel) och fått köpa en annan. 
Den nya kommer  jag förlora pengar på om jag skulle sälja den igen. 
Skulle inte blivit av med någon telefon om min hade blivit reparerad inom skälig tid eller om jag fått lånetelefon eller utbytestelefon. 
Känns riktigt tråkigt. 


Har inte blivit uppringd som lovat och nu tänker jag inte acceptera detta längre. 
Sämsta kundtjänst och service jag har upplevt och å har jag haft väldigt mycket prylar genom åren. 
Blir lovad att bli uppringd men de skiter fullständigt i att göra det!

No phone yet and Samsung support have promised to contact me again which have not yet happened. 
Worst customer support and service I have come across and I have had many gadgets through the years!

Get a promise that they will contact me and help to solve my situation but they just ignore to do so.

Getting angry and frustrated just writing this.

Fckn ridiculous. 

Hej, hur har det gått för dej och din Note Ultra?