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Open Letter to Samsung on Software & Hardware Enhancements & Suggestions

(Topic created on: 06-06-2021 08:21 PM)

Dear Samsung,

Ever since i bought it I was quite impressed with the Galaxy A52 5G. As someone who used your phones for a long time (plus other Androids for 11 years) I have some suggestions:

1. Optimised One UI for better compatibility, smoother animations and especially when using gestures

2. A better way to hide apps using fingerprint sensor, face unlock or password similar to the implementation of Oxygen OS or MIUI.

3 Ability to change the icons without installing a 3rd-party launcher or icon pack

4. Better and faster One UI - general performance still seem slow and sluggish by today's standards.

5. Fingerprint sensor could use a major speed upgrade. (maybe just bring back the rear or side-mounted fingerprint reader?)

Beside the reviews online (and the crop of competition out there) could you please make an extra effort to implement the necessary changes, updates and enhancements to your One UI and Android OS on your phones including more extensive theming options (not a dumbed-down version), ability to install a 3rd-party icon pack (without the need to install a 3rd-party launcher), a better/easier way to hide apps similar to MIUI & Oxygen OS as mentioned and just make the fingerprint sensor much more faster.

Plus the usual cameras, battery life, performance optimisations. Make the UI more stock Android and less iOS or looking "childish". And trade-in prices and included eligible devices could be far better. This is not the first time i have emailed you with these issue of One UI and Samsung devices. 

The Galaxy A52 5G is a great, affordable midrange phone. Let down by the usual issues aforementioned above for years now. 


N.B. Continue to issue updates and enhancements as well to you older Galaxy Tab S7 & S6 tablets.