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One thing ud always wanted to do


What would be at the top of ur bucket list and why.x

Theresa edwards

Hi Theresa, I do not wish nothing because I am alive as yours, then all things in the World you will can to get them with effort.


I'm very rich for to be as I am, knows, live, friendships, colleages, music, vision, destiny, flavor, love, star, sensations, joy and sorrows...I'm alive for to be who I want to be, then it's the best present we have...effort and pleasure treataments to all people who meet me correctly :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


Then I do not think in to wish, if not in how to reach the top without crushing people in our path (get something)


See you, good weekend and I will continue speaking with yours in threads :four-leaf-clover:


A best car, best people, best work, best in money, best in health, a girlfriend and travels, too much travels to forget all bad people of here and there :four-leaf-clover: :face-with-tears-of-joy::face-with-tears-of-joy::face-with-tears-of-joy:


After that the actions will arrive to do and think in more things to do newly.


I supose as all, no only me :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

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