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Odyssey G5 27" Curved Firmware

(Topic created on: 25-12-2023 11:52 PM)

Hello everyone,

I have seemed to run into something interesting here.

A while back, I purchased the LS27AG552ENXZA model from Walmart. The firmware on this is currently M-A5500GCZA-1002.4

Today, I got 2 monitors for Christmas to match this monitor. They were purchased from Amazon and their model is LS27AG550ENXZA. Firmware version M-A5500GCZA-1003.1

The monitor share the same functionality, same 165hz, same settings, same everything, but the firmware is different. I contacted support as I couldn't find a page for the G552 model anywhere on the samsung website. They informed me that the monitors are exactly the same, but the model is different because of "store specific models".

So here are some questions I have...

1. Are these monitors actually the same? Do both have VA or IPS panels?

2. If these monitors are exactly the same, where would I obtain the new firmware for the G552 that is still running the old software?

3. If there is no software update... then what should I do about the color difference I see between the 552 and the 2 new 550 models? (I noticed the settings being exactly the same on both has no effect. The blue on my 552 model is slightly darker looking than the 550. All are using the ICC profile from the Driver package on this page.)

All help is greatly appreciated!


Edit: Found firmware 1003.1 in another topic and decided to try it just for the heck of it. Turns out it does install, and it actually worked. Color difference is still there, but, I think it may be color change that has happened over time just from the monitor running. Not annoying enough to bother me, but noticeable none the less.



Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this. Since this applies to models from the American market. We recommend that you contact Customer Support in the USA or contact the American community forums.

Kind regards
Samsung Nordic Community