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Notifications disappears

(Topic created on: 09-06-2024 10:05 PM)

If I have a notification on the lock screen, I swipe it away (clear), and the dot/number (for example, unread SMS) also disappears when I unlock the phone. It's annoying!

Sometimes you want to clear the lock screen, but perhaps not, for example, read/reply to the SMS right away.

Had iPhone & Huawei before, did the same thing & the number was still there when I unlocked the phone. Then you knew you had something unread.

Have chatted with Samsung & they say they are Samsung's system which is like that.
It's sooooo bad!

Or is there a setting you can change? ‌



Om jag har en avisering på låsskärmen så sveper jag bort den (rensa), så försvinner även punkt/siffra (för tex oläst sms) när jag låser upp telefonen. Det är störande! 

Ibland vill man rensa låsskärm men kanske inte tex läsa/svara på smset direkt.
Haft iPhone & Huawei innan, gjorde samma sak & siffran fanns kvar när jag låste upp telefonen. Då visste man att man hade något oläst. 
Har chattat med Samsung & dom säger att de är Samsungs system som är så. 
Det är såååå dåligt!
Eller finns det någon inställning man kan ändra? 🙏 
Samsung Members Star ★

Yeah, and this is actually a "feature" of Android, so not Samsungs own Idea. Huwaei might have done something different with their version of Android. 

I'm thinking that a third party app launcher maybe can fix it, I'm using Nova myself, and it seems to not work. But somewhere I read about Microsoft Launcher that was able to fix this very problem. I haven't used it myself, but it could be worth checking out maybe? :smiling-face: