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Not a sleeper...


Any tips on how to sleep?!



Sometimes I can't fall asleep to save my life!


If I'm ever struggling to fall asleep, I just pop on a Netflix show i've already watched at a really low volume. This usually helps! Also, I tend to read a book before I go to sleep.

I just tend to empty my head and I'm a goner in 5 minutes ^-^

If that doesn't work, take a long hot bath before it... If that doesn't work I will eat a bit ^-^ If that doesn't work... Lets to something else for a few hours until I drop :')

Another trick I use is to play a podcast on the background that is informative, that relaxes me and also helps me to get to sleep :smiling-face:

Booze 👍🏻

@Edgie70  lol, well sometimes alcohol beforehand  helps  you sleep well but not always.    Some experts have said it only put you in a deep sleep for so long and then may be restless.


Usually I sleep fairly well, if I can't sleep may listen to some music-if on phone too much does not always help though.

Have downloaded the headspace app. Its so so good.😁
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