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Nightmare customer service UK

(Topic created on: 15-11-2021 02:56 PM)
Samsung Lounge

I purchased two items on Samsung website on 11 Nov. Delivery date was for 12 Nov but it did not arrive. I called and was told I should expect them on 13 Nov. Had to stay home and of course nothing. Called again few times, some did not know what was the issue. I was given a new date 14 Nov. and Again nothing. I have never had such farcical experience shopping online and already regret purchasing Samsung. I have called many times and emailed no answer at all. I have called to make a complaint and cancel my order only to be put on hold for 50 minutes and explaining the problem 3 times and ending up so frustrated that had to hang up. 


Samsung Lounge
I've had every Samsung S phone there was to I got the fold 3 5g. Cracked the small front screen and the inner screen which I'm using now was perfect. Sent it off for repair to them(TMT FIRST REPAIRS), total scam. They tried to say because my device had cracked screen it was out of warranty, fair enough I said on the phone I'd pay the £129, got an invoice for £600 odd, they wanted £470 to replace the perfectly working large inside screen which as I said I'm typing with now. I have tvs, phones, the watch 2,3 4g and 4 4g, ear buds 2(I think, got them with my s20 ultra) this is the last Samsung product I'll ever own. For a company so large and successful you'd think they wud treat there customers with respect and fix the actual repairs not the made up ones. Check out both Samsung uk and TMT FIRST on trust pilot. You'll never buy another Samsung device again either. Apple all the way, I've already took the first step and bought an ipad Pro. Great tablet with unreal build quality compared to the plasticy Samsungs.