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Net Neutrality

(Topic created on: 06-01-2021 06:38 PM)
Superuser I
Superuser I
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Basically this is an Open Internet  where  consumers control trheir preferences  and not the Broadbrand provider.   In other people are able to access all lehgal content freely. EU rules state that  broadband providers must treat all internet traffic on their networks equally, and not favour certain websites or services. Providers must not slow down "throttle" or discriminate  between individual traffic unless in the case of or legal, security or emergency reasons.    see more here 


However how will Brexit affect this in Uk,seems that the deal reached  creates Oligations on net neutrality that underpins commitments to an open internet.    However it does not prevent either the UK or EU from taking action to protect the safety of internet users.   See more on tech side here  may be a bit of wait and see on that one.


In the Us  however Tech neutrality has been under attack, however whilst not certain things could move in the other direction if the Democrats narrowly  regain control of the Senate  after Run off Georgia elections (which at the moment seems likely). 



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