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Missing Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G after sending it to repair

(Topic created on: 15-12-2023 02:35 PM)
First Poster

On the 15th of November I sent my phone off to samsung support centre to repair my Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G with a broken screen. It arrived on the 21th, where I was told a engineer would evaluate it withing 1-2 business days. After that I recieved no more emails.


Then on the 8th i contacted support, and they told me they would contact them and email me when they've got any information. I have now waited as full week (and a month since sending it) since then and still nothing. I dont know if its lost, if they dont have the right parts, or if it even ever arrived. I have contacted support again and they've just told me to wait.


It does not take a full week to send a email, and i need to know whats going on. This is incredibly frustrating, as im currently using a old nokia as a backup phone, which will not work in the long run. 


Has this happened to anyone else? Does anybody have any tips to what i can do? 

Emmi S
Community Manager

Hi @Members_ZiWVe08 

Thank you for reaching out! The estimated time depends a bit on why your device was sent in. But please, send me a PM with your name and email, and I will check further with our departments 😊