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Microwave oven fails

(Topic created on: 22-02-2023 04:25 PM)
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Samsung microwave model MC28M6045CS/EE

After about 2 ½ years my microwave stop working.

The microwave has power, but only certain buttons work on the control panel.

I tried to do a power cycle. Nothing helps.

After a couple of days all buttons works again, but only for some hours, then it fails again.???

Very, very unhappy about that.

Samsung customer service doesn't care as the warranty has expired.

It must be a component ore wire that is sick. Have seen on the web that several similar microwave ovens from Samsung have experienced a similar error after about 2½ years.

Does anybody know how to fix this error, or which component to be replaced?

What does Samsung say about it. Does Samsung want to be known as at company, whose products only last 2½ years or less??


Emmi S
Community Manager

Hi @Dane3 

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this! 😕

It is hard to answer what it could be or what have happened. It could be the panel board, and if it starts, something may have happened with the magnetron or the high-voltage fuse. Could be a switch that caused the fuse to blow in it.

However in this case, I would have recommended you to contact our Support for further help, which I see you have already done. They could not help you with booking service or similar?

You can also send me a PM if you want to 😊